Sex, Lies & Rinsing Guys

I'm currently watching last night's 'Sex, Lies & Rinsing Guys' on 4oD and simply felt I had to write something. I'm not exactly sure what yet, but definitely something.

The documentary follows some young women who 'rinse' men, which basically means being given gifts but never having sex with them.

Danica for example, is a glamour model, who rinses many men, who all send her gifts (computers, jewellery, Dysons etc) without even ever meeting her. She also charges £50 for ten minutes chat on Skype (no adult chat allowed).

Hollie does meet her 'friends' but again, never has sex, and is purely using them for their gifts. Hollie also has become a financial dominatrix, where for £200 she tells a man they are worthless over Skype for five minutes.

Jeanette gets flown to New York, and we follow her on a shopping trip, where the pixellated 'friend' buys everything she vaguely wants. The man starts trying to touch her more, arms round waist etc. Jeanette pushes him away. At one point we even get to hear him say, "Wait till you really piss me off then I'm gonna be mean to you". It certainly didn't have a jokey tone to it either. No matter, Jeanette continues shopping with him.

Now, the documentary follows the women, how they find these men, how they tell the men what they want, and how they feel once they get the gifts. However, it just felt a little....well, unbalanced. It reminded me of the way the media blame women for affairs, while often forgiving the man. The show seems to be focusing on the women, and it definitely felt as if we should be forming judgements about the women, but not the men.

What on earth makes these men live like this? Spending thousands of pounds, on someone they either either don't meet, or only get to have a meal with. What judgements are we meant to make about these men? Which men randomly buy gifts or pay household bills for a woman they barely know?

On the other hand.....if anyone wants me to create an amazon wish let me know ;-)