#SculptingSchool with Nude by Nature.

Last night I headed to the The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design to attend #SculptingSchool, a bloggers' event from Nude By Nature. They're an Australian mineral make-up brand, with the philosophy, "make-up that's good for you".


We all sat at our station, with a complete Contour&Highlight kit, and watched a demo, before having a play ourselves. Most people weren't willing to take their make-up off, so just applied over their current makeup, but I thought I'd throw myself right in! I wiped my my foundation off, and tried mineral foundation for the first time!

I like heavy coverage, partly due to taste, but largely due to my cheek, that has a permanent rash/rosacea on it, and needs a full coverage. This means I've never tried a powder foundation, so I was curious to see how it would do. They'd given me a cream/liquid concealer, so I used this first. I found the texture tough to use, but I never use concealer so I guess I'm not used to it!

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The coverage was full, like liquid, but I'm curious to try without the concealer too. 

Today I plan to do half of my face with mineral powder, and half with my regular Estee Lauder Double Wear, to compare how they fare over the day. So watch this space for a more in depth review!

As an FYI, the brushes they gave us feel incredible. Definitely check them out.