Scenes, Pigeons and Boxes - The Music That Touches Our Souls

Looking the way I do, many people seem surprised when they presume incorrectly the types of music I listen to. Don't get me wrong, I love the power of music as much as anyone, but the tunes that speak to my soul are never what people who don't know me predict!

Overall, I'm pretty open, and like a bit of most music genres. However, this post will focus on the music I choose over and over and over. Those tunes that make your soul smile and your heart swell.

I discovered Alex Clare today, and the dubstep beat that drops in the chorus definitely ticks my boxes.

He reminds me of the genre of music that definitely tickles my soul, and I really believe it will forever. It was my first proper music love, and was the backdrop for my first experiences of raving/dancing/losing yourself to music. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, UK garage is still running through my veins. 

It is extremely hard to only choose one favourite UK Garage track, so here is a remix (that lasts an hour!) of 21 songs, all of which make me grin from within. If you don't really know what old school UK Garage is/was then this is a crash course!

This Christina track is another one of my favourites, and comes from a time when I was much more into R&B and hip hop. I still love the video, the lyrics, the beat and even her outfit!

If you follow me on twitter you may well have heard me obsess over Ed Sheeran this year, so I couldn't miss him off this list!

I definitely don't belong to a 'scene' and won't allow anyone to try and make me feel inferior for not listening to the 'right' or 'cool' music. The joy of being a grown up means we can enjoy whatever we want! If I want to jump from garage, to pop, to motown.......I can! 

What music do you think you'll be bopping to when you're shuffling around with your walking stick?