Sadness - share or secret?

Having heard some sad news this week it has made me think about my own relationship with sadness. Traditionally I am a very privately sad person, and find it hard to open up and share anything that makes me vulnerable. Perhaps this is a side effect of being an only child, as I am not used to sharing sadness.

I am not the friend who my friends call if they are sad either, even though I would be more than willing to be. There must be something about me, I tend to be the friend you come to if you want practical support rather than emotional.

But this week perhaps is me turning a corner. I have cried in front of a friend for perhaps the first time, and have been much more open and willing to talk about sadness with others.

I am not sad often, I am generally a very happy person, but it does mean I often get surprised at strong sadness can feel when it does hit.

How do you cope with your sadness? Do you share or hide? Have you tried both?