Sabrina from Love Laugh and Makeup - An interview about her mermaid hair

We first met the gorgeous, and ever so lovely blogger/vlogger Sabrina (Love Laugh and Makeup) at a Motel Rocks event that Rockalily Cuts did some pop-up styling at (my blog post is here) and Sabrina's vlog is here. Since then, she's been coming to us for her hair appointments, where we've taken her mermaid dipdye up a tad higher, as well as just refreshed the colour, and trimmed it. Having hair this fabulous does take a bit of effort I'm afraid ;-)

We do love having bloggers and vloggers visit us at the salon, but it does make us all go a bit tongue tied and nervous with cameras on go-pro sticks waving about!

For a sneak peak at us at the salon, here is one of her vlogs that we feature in:

I wanted to take the opportunity to ask Sabrina (on twitter she's known as @itssabrinaa) a few hair related questions!

1. How do describe your hair and how long have you had it like this now?

"Mermaid! It's been about 6 months now"

2. What is the most common question you get having mermaid hair?

"People always ask how I get my hair to be this colour! 

3. What are your favourite hair products?

"I love hair masks/treatments and I use them regularly. One of my favourite hair treatments is by Lush and its called H'Suan Wen Hua."

4. What are the pros and cons to having brightly coloured hair?

"Pro is I feel more myself and not everyone has the same hairstyle as me. One of the cons would be the ridiculous comments you get from members of public, one guy told me I can change my hair now halloween is over........*Rolls eyes* With that being said you don't get comments like that all the time."

To achieve Sabrina's hair involves bleaching the ends before applying two shades of colour, as well as darkening the roots.

If you felt inspired by the gorgeous NYE makeup that Sabrina is wearing in her first photo, you can also watch her new tutorial on her LoveLaughandMakeup vlog channel: