Sabina Kelley at Rockalily Cuts for The London Tattoo Convention

This weekend is the London Tattoo Convention, and the gorgeous Sabina Kelley has flown into town to sign calenders and pose with her fans for pictures. Very cool.

Sabina will be getting her hair and make-up done at Rockalily Cuts for all three days of the Tattoo Convention, so watch this space for her looks each day!

Miss Honey Bare did Sabina's makeup, and had an awesome bright pink shadow, with a highlight of orange (apologies Miss Bare if I'm describing it incorrectly!). She gave her kissably pink lips to match. As Sabina had told us that the outfit she would be going to change into would be black, we loved the idea of adding some colour into the makeup.

And of course, Lucie Luella did Sabina's hair, and I'm sure you'll agree it looks amazingly sophisticated and pretty darn awesome.

I can't wait to see the pictures of Sabina in her outfit, and working the room at the convention!