"Am I bit your bit of posh" (Dating gems)


I thought I'd share something that happened to me on a date this year. It was a first date, that went well enough we went home together. We had a nice time, and the next morning we had a slow and lazy morning. A strong yey for consenting and happy adults just sharing time together, no biggie.

A comment he made, stuck with me, and I thought it was vaguely interesting. He joked with me, asking "Am I your bit of posh?" Or something to that effect. I quickly retorted that it must mean that he saw me as a bit of rough.....?!

Class is interesting isn't it. He'd judged me, my upbringing and my current life, against his own, and decided that they were different enough they were worth commenting on. This stuff all exists, and 'class' I guess is used to clump people together with shared characteristics. What was weird, was that I didn't see us as that different at all. 

It reminded me of another conversation I'd had with a woman who'd gone on a date with someone she said was much 'posher' than her. She gave this as a reason it wouldn't lead to a second date, and when I asked why, she said the differences in lifestyle felt too big. Enjoying different types of restaurants, different foods, holidays and expectations. She felt uncomfortable.

Perhaps he felt uncomfortable with me, saw us as having different lifestyles. It was oddly one of the reasons he gave for not going on a second date. I guess he didn't want to live like common people.