Running your own shop - the pros and cons

So, Rockalily Cuts, my hair salon, has now been open about 2 weeks, and it has been a big change from working at home. I thought I would share my top five pros and cons to owning/running your shop.


  1. Being able to decorate the space in the way you think works and looks best. You can then enjoy sitting in your little corner of the world most days. No boring filing cabinets or strip lighting here!
  2. Letting common sense rule. If you want to close early for any reason, or open late, you can. If you want to take a rest because the work is done, you can. If you want to swap a day you can. 
  3. Ellington gets to hang out with us all day. This links to common sense really. He doesn't bother anyone, loves the attention, and doesnt' smell (unless he yawns in your face). And he's a great talking point!
  4. Choosing who you work with. Being in charge of staffing means you will never get stuck working with someone who just doesn't click with your way of working. You spend more time with people you work with, than your own family, so it does matter!
  5. I get to meet and chat to some pretty awesome people! The visitors to the salon make every day different.


  1. You have to be there, rather than working from home which is much more flexible. This is actually a pro as well as a con, as it's nice to 'go to work' and leave your house sometimes!
  2. The financial issues are clearly much bigger, and the stakes are higher. There are costs involved that you couldn't even imagine at the start!
  3. You can't have an off day, as it will have more a direct influence on your business. No hiding behind a computer all day sulking.

I've actually run out of cons for now! He he! Do any of you own your own retail space? I'd love to hear from you!