Running with Nike #NRC #ReadySetGo #NikeRunningClub

This week I decided to run again. I randomly got chatting to my old trainer from GoodGym on twitter, and he told me he was leading runs for Nike now. I checked it out, and it turned out that the next night was session 1 of a 10 week block for people new (or returning) to running so I trusted fate and signed myself up.

We met at Nike Town in Oxford Street, where they provide free lockers in store to leave your stuff in. Once the start time arrived, Corey led the group though introductions, and explained the plan for the 10 weeks, as well as the brief for the evening. We'd do a few drills, then we'd run for 6 minutes in one direction, before turning back and running for 6 minutes, but aiming to get a little further (working on pacing).

The drills not only help warm your muscles up, but help break down walls of shyness. How can you not laugh with your running buddy while leaping down the pavements? We may look crazy but apparently proper athletes do similar drills, promise.

We finished with a warm down session in store, before grabbing some water and heading home.

Exercise doesn't have to be expensive (this was free), and everyone has to start somewhere. Everyone took their first steps at sometime, and most people were rubbish at the start, and that's ok. But do you know what? We can run.