Run to the Beat - a musical 10k

It's suddenly dawned on me that this Sunday is my first official 10K run! I've only run that distance once, a while back now (how I ran my first 10k), the furthest I've run since then is a shorter 9km.

This Sunday is Run to the Beat, a music based 10k, with DJ stages the whole way around the course. Last year I ran my very first race, a basic 5k (my first Color Run) which I didn't enjoy at all really! But this year I ran two more 5ks, (my second Color Run and My first Electric Run) and I'm finally biting the bullet for a 10k. I loved the musical element to the Electric Run, so I've got a good feeling about Run to the Beat.

One life lesson I've learnt from taking part in races is that you don't need to train for a 10k race by running 10k.

This transcends running of course, preparing or training for an event, change or skill doesn't have to involve replicating the actual challenge. Realising this can help remove the mental blocks to success, for example if you haven't run 10k in practice, you may start your race with fear. However to succeed on the day you just to utilise a collection of skills, that you most probably have already. 

Another example is writing a book. You don't need to have written one before, you just need to have practiced and developed a certain set of skills. You'd need the skills of sentence construction, narrative developement, being able to be tenacious etc.

So if you're nervous about tackling a goal, try isolating the skills/abilities you need to practise to make the chunks of learning smallers. For my race, I just need to trust that I'm fit enough, I'm able to stick with something even when it feels hard, that I have the correct kit, that my body is capable of running 5k, 7k, and therefore 10k etc.