Rules of Dating - Do the Vintage Rules Still Apply?

Internet dating has meant that people are able to regularly go on a date with someone they have never met before. It is 'dating' in its more traditional sense. There have been many many books written about the rules of dating - but have they really changed in the last 60 years?

This is a video from 1950 outlining some dos and don'ts of dating.

It suggests taking a date to a summer fair or jumble sale - a group doing things together is a good idea for a first date as there is plenty to do and people to talk to. They also suggest a group bike trip, a weenie roast or a baseball game.

This is a good idea  - having something to distract you from the pressure of conversation. Having something to look at, experience, or do means you'll always have something to say to each other. No awkward conversations over a meal.

If the date is going well, how should we behave? How far should one go? In 1951 they had this helpful video to help us say no and maintain our moral maturity.

To avoid heavy petting they suggest making sure you don't get into the situation where it could happen in the first place. If you do get caught out you can distract him with a question.

Again, this has a modern equivilent - if you don't want to have sex on a first date, you may wish to control how much you drink, or choose not to go somewhere it could happen. However, if you do want sex on a first date....enjoy!

This film follows two different girls talking about their dating lives at college.

It seems to advise against dating a man who is too vain and popular - he won't even notice your Dior dress! The math geek will just see you as 'another problem' to solve.

If your date goes well, you may want to think about where it is headed. This 1950 film asks the question 'Are you ready for marriage?'

Firstly, are you too young? Does it matter if your parents disapprove? The film follows a couple visiting a marriage counsellor at the church to help answer their questions.

He queries how long they have been dating, whether they quarrel (is the woman allowed an opinion), what they want for the future. Cupid even has a checklist.