Mini Garden Make-Over

I'm 34, and this is the first time I've had my own garden. I enjoyed one as a child, but obviously its a bit different being responsible for mowing, or just playing in the paddling pool. So having moved this month, I'm now a garden owner (well, renter, but you know what I mean). I now possess that rare London thing - a piece of green to call my own.

I'm not what you'd describe as homely. I don't cook very much, and I don't have green fingers. My soul just doesn't hear the call from hobbies like gardening and baking. But I do love a picnic, and a BBQ, so now that these are in my grasp, I needed to give my new little back yard a mini make-over.

I have to confess, I got my Mother in to help. She knows gardening, and she's not afraid of getting down and dirty with some weeding. I just didn't really know where to start. She handed me the mower, instructed me to not electrute myself by cutting through the wire and let me enjoy the satisfaction of cutting the grass. You feel kind of powerful with a lawn mower! Meanwhile, she started pulling the weeds from the flowerbeds, so that sometime in the future we can start planting some prettier things in there.

Although my garden isn't a pretty one (yet?) it is now a very usable space, and an extra room on a sunny day. It took all day, but was well worth it. I now plan to do some minimal upkeep, to ensure that I can keep enjoying it. Now...where's that sunshine.

UPDATE - 7 weeks on

Time to get planting! Again, I wouldn't really know what to get, so my Mother told me what I needed! We've gone for perennials (which means they flower again year after year) and we got digging!

I've been given strict instructions to water them all every other day to begin with.....uh oh. I'm going to give it a good go, as it would be such a shame not to let them settle in and make my garden glorious.

reeree garden make over

Now I just need a second heatwave!