5 years ago I was a blogger who launched a lipstick brand

rockalily lipstick 2016

April 2016 was the 5 year anniversary of me launching my own lipstick brand Rockalily Lipstick. I almost can't believe it was so long ago, but at the same time it feels like a lifetime ago. So I took a moment to pause and reflect on the year that I ran a lipstick company.

Looking back, considering it was just little ol' me, working from a bedroom I try to allow myself to feel proud. I had it featured in the glossy beauty pages of magazines like Marie Claire and Hello and all with zero PR and business experience. These weren't paid placements either, but pure editorial (I saw a tweet today of a small roofer company boasting about being top of google search, but he was screenshotting a paid ad...).

I hosted a massive blogger event (I rented an entire pub out over two floors) which was a pretty new concept 4.5 years ago. I almost can't believe I pulled it off, but it really was pretty epic. #zomgbloggersbash (we didn't have instagram but we still loved a hashtag).

The party was to help launch a collaboration I did with Zoe London, where I launched a shade called ZOMG. Beauty Blogger collabs are pretty common place these day but back then it felt pretty fresh and exciting.

Rockalily Lipsticks were a luxury lipstick, totaling about £18 with postage and it was amazing that my little brand made people willing to send that amount of money for a lipstick they'd only seen online. I loved seeing how people responded to the quality of it, and repeat bought. You know it's good when people return to buy again.

I learned so much launching a product, and I am honestly so grateful to everyone who ordered one (or more!). It was my springboard away from my old life and into a new one.