Rockalily Styles - Death and Taxes


I was sent this Coster Copenhagen swing skirt from Tonic Clothing, and I paired it today with a vintage western shirt.

It was an accounting day (and I squeezed in a few hours catching up with a best mate over coffee too),  so this relaxed outfit worked perfectly.

In our jobs we all have areas that we struggle with, and for me, it's creating reliable systems for the accounting needs for the salon (and my various other little streams of income - writing, speaking etc). Payroll, VAT, holidays, PAYE, bills etc. Without having a boss on top of me, telling me that we do it a certain way, on a certain day, it certainly takes a while to figure out how best to manage these things. And just when you think you've cracked it, you've grown and got new things to figure out too. But definitely loving the challenge!