Rockalily Style - Wireless Festival Finsbury Park!

Can you tell I'm excited?! I've been looking forward to going to Wireless for what feels like forever. I don't currently have any holidays booked for this year, so I've been counting down as if this was a mini-break. Its not even a stay-over but its very local to where I live, and all of the music I love (dance/urban etc).

And its going to super hot today!!

I'm wearing a playsuit from River Island, that I bought with Wireless in mind. I find it pretty challenging to get my legs out (remember my denim short challenge?), and even when I wore short shorts last time, I wore flesh-coloured tights. I got dressed this morning, and almost got changed to cover my legs up. Then I remembered my old post about what real thighs looks like, and decided to get a grip of myself and just wear what I've been wanting to wear for months. They're just legs right? I am still pretty nervous about walking to my friends on my own, but I know I'll be fine once I'm dancing to Jess Glynne! She's featured in one of my favourite songs of 2014, and I really hope she sings it!