Rockalily Style: Vintage Curled Hair

I have been struglling to curl my hair recently, largely due to my modern hair cut (currently growing out!) but also just due to the cold (hair not drying as fast) and a lack of general hair mojo.

Today I managed to at least get a vaguely vintage curled set out of it. I slept in my curlers last night, and did a dry set (dry hair and no product).

I am not happy with it, but its definitely an improvement recently! I then went out, in the rain with no umbrella. The curls got a little frizzy and wild.....eeek!

I had to head out to a show later, so I restyled the frizz - using the curl to makesome quick victory rolls.

Please excuse the over exposure, it was the only way to show the hair style properly!

Here is a quick laptop picture when I got home much later, again in rain and wind......this picture illustrates what makes little victory rolls awesome for winter hair - they survive!