Rockalily Style - Tindering


My verb of the week has been tindering (to tinder), as me and a friend have been using tinder pretty proactively. Despite being a rather prolific online dater in my time; I've been online dating for about 18 years rather amazingly. I went on my first online date when I was 14, back before it was really even a thing. 

Over the years I've used paid for sites such as and guardian soulmates and free ones like plenty of fish. Although I've dipped my toe in the tinder waters before, I've yet to experience an actual date coming from it.

Tinder, due to its quick ego-boosting swiping, seems to attract more people who aren't actually looking to date, and so I've found it somewhat less successful. However how you end up finding someone doesn't matter. Tinder is simply another finger in the dating pie; if you're looking for love you only need to find a single person! It doesn't matter if you don't get a lot of dates, as long as you get a date with the right person.

This week I've lined up my first tinder date, so wish me luck! Luckily I have quite a good judgement of character, so I don't ever have terrible dates really, just dates where we're not suited to each other.