Rockalily Style: This weekend was sponsored by Smirnoff Vodka

A slightly different outfit post from me, as I only had my instagram camera. I've been wearing contact lenses again, for the first time in a long time, so I'm getting used to my naked face again. My hair is finally starting to feel longer too, so I am wearing it down more again. 

I wore a vintage cowboy shirt which I got for christmas, and clashed the print with a polka dot skirt. 

I arrived home from work at about 9pm, and just got a call saying we were going out for a drink to celebrate our new Barbering Apprentice Ryan joining the salon. Rather unusually for me, I was up for it! And by up for it.....I'm not sure what happened, but I suddenly wanted as much vodka in me as I could muster.

Maybe I just wanted a mini holiday from my life ;-)

We started out at our local, until it closed. The dilemma was debated and I convinced them all to continue - at our one local that is open till about 4am. I'm sure  we all have them. They're sort of a night club, but they're pretty terrible. Party tunes, a real mixed crowd and far too much alcohol as everyone staggers from all of the surrounding bars that close.....but sometimes, just sometimes, a tacky dance with your mates is just what the doctor ordered.

The genius about going out locally is that the walk home is teeny, and we all live two streets away from each other. Genius I tell you.

And then, rather unlike me again, I stayed out till past 3am the next night too.......what has happened to me?!

I seem to have developed a fetish for checked shirts at the moment, so here I am wearing a different one! This picture was after me and my school friend decided we wanted to trade lipstick colours for the night. I'd started with a sheer coral shade (Rockalily Mermaid) but half way through the night wanted to up my game with red. She had decided she wanted to tone down, so we switched. Oh the joys of the ladies toilets.

The night ended with a rather mish mash of recognisable faces all on one dance floor - Heidi from the Sugababes, Jill Halfpenny, Tamsin Outhwaite, and that indie chick from The Voice. All very surreal!

I had been staring with envy at Heidi's top all night, the scooped back was fab, so I tweeted her this morning, and she told me it's from American Apparel so I'm off to search their online store.

Not sure where my inner party girl has popped out of, but bring it on I say!