Rockalily Style - That proverbial shelf


I'm officially the 30-something friend who is sitting on the proverbial shelf. My friends and peers are getting married, buying houses and having babies. My business is my baby, I rent a teeny flat, and I'm stuck swiping on Tinder. 

Don't get me wrong, I don't feel a need to buy, and I don't have a womb that is screaming at me. However, as you may well know, I would like to not be single. I date, not for the pure joy of dating, but because I'd like to pair up.

I get told to not try so hard, or to stop online dating, but I find that advice a tad patronising and irritating. I'm not someone who leaves things to chance, and being told not to online date, by people who haven't done much of it, is frankly annoying.

Anyhoo, today's outfit. Casual and comfy.