Rockalily Style - Test Running the Eloise Collectif Dress

Oooh it's a new Collectif dress, this is called Eloise, and after trying a couple of dresses and returning them due to cleavage issues (I don't really like having my boobs out) I spotted this one and knew she'd be perfect for me.

I'm off out for an important press event today (more details to come!) so I actually wore this dress for a day last week as a test run. I've learnt not to wear new things on an important day. You may find the skirt rides up, or things don't fit right.

I'm glad I did, as both side seams of the arm holes split (which I quickly reinforced and are now fine) and the belt is one of those loose belts that just falls off. We added two poppers and now it sits perfectly.

I love the fit and wear of the dress, I am now dreaming of a time it comes in a different material, this is like a linen, which obviously creases as soon as you put it on. I'd love it in a stretch.

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