Rockalily Style: Struggling to smile

Yesterday I wore this, but found it quite hard to smile for this shot. I had spent the day attempting to help coordinate a clean up group for Tottenham (after the London rioting). After an anxious couple of days, I took great comfort in the efforts that used Twitter to take back some control of our city.

Congratulations to anyone and everyone who helped in any small way to clean our city (and now further afield in our country).

I was also gladdened by an email I recieved from a teen boy (who lives in Tottenham and also happens to be black) that I used to work with when I was a school librarian. He emailed to let me know about the books he had been reading over the summer holidays, and to ask about what I was reading. He also said that he hoped I had been safe during the riots. He wasn't much of a reader when I met him, and I adore the fact he is now a proud lover of books. Glimmers of hope in our youth are so powerful, and we should be focusing on them a little more.