Rockalily Style - Skinny jeans, I love and hate them


I have a love/hate relationship with my skinny jeans. There was a time when I swore off all denim, but then vintage cut Freddies of Pinewood crept in, and now skinny jeans are a staple part of my wardrobe.

I used to hate skinny jeans. Back when the regular cut of jean was bootcut, the skinny fit seemed such a bizaare shape to aspire for. But time ticked on, and skinny jeans became normal, while bootcut look dated. And now here I am, regularly wearing skinny jeans.

Part of my wishes I still banned denim, I think it's a lazy choice, and very casual. It doesn't take any longer to wear trousers, or a dress or skirt, and I usually feel better, but yet the comfort factor of jeans still creeps in.

Perhaps one day I'll give them up again....

How do you feel about jeans?