Rockalily Style - Rockabilly Inspired from the High Street


I don't buy many things new, I'd say 0ver 90% of stuff I buy is from charity shops, but I made myself buy this dress from Peacocks. It's a thin cotton, almost t-shirt material, and traditionally I would never have worn anything as revealing of my body. I liked my body if it was in structured clothing, clothes that disguised or changed the outline of my form.

I've been trying to wear tighter clothing (as opposed to most of my dresses which I bought too big) and I suppose it's been a challenge to dress more 'sexy'. I caved slightly with the shoes though ;-)

It felt like an ok compromise! I'm not ready for all-over sexy just yet - he he!

You can see a peek of my new tattoo, if you want to see more of it, take a look here.