Rockalily Style - Rescuing clothes with scissors


This outfit is made up of rescued items! The last time I wore my Flux of Pink Indians t-shirt I didn't enjoy wearing it, so today I gave it a second life by cutting the neck and sleeves off. Much better!

The jeans were also on to the to-go pile, as the black is faded, and the knees have faded too much. So, scissors still in hand, I gave them rips, and I enjoy them again!

I was also reflecting today on how I've been enjoying my bob haircut recently. I had it blow dryed 4 days ago, and yet the blow dry still maintains the shape. My hair would not look anything like this without a blow dry. I've even been to the gym. One of my best friends has amazing hair, and strangers often compliment her on it. They often exclaim that they're jealous of her boob length, luscious hair. She always explains that she doesn't have nice hair by accident. She blow dries it herself, each and every day. Lovely hair takes effort. A great cut helps, but it's not enough on its own.