Rockalily Style: ReeRee heading to Covent Garden

My first outfit post! I have listened to some feedback and have decided to bite the bullet and go for it.

I definitely need some advice on posing - ladies, help me please!

I am off to a business lunch in Covent Garden, but sadly my make-up bag is at Mother Rockette's so I am having to make do! Lucky I have lots of lipstick!


I didn't have any shoes on, but I am now wearing leopard print trainers!

I asked via twitter whether people wanted to know about each item, and the answer was a resounding yes.


* Leopard Print Shirt - from H&M a while back. I quite like their shirts, although they aren't always great for larger boobs.

* Jeans - Freddies of Pinewood jeans which are a size too big for me, hence the belt.

* Belt - Topshop (a Christmas pressie). Is actually fur-like which is all rubbing away now.

* Bag (not in picture) - I used my oversized vintage purse which I bought in Las Vegas last year.

* Trainers (not in picture) - They are leopard print trainers from Babycham. Great for my more casual days!

* Oversized hair flower - Not sure where I picked this up, but it would have been cheap.

* Lipstick - Rockalily Rockette Red


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