Rockalily Style - Not washing hair for 10 days


This was me with about day 10 of a hairwash. Yup. I usually leave my hair about a week, but somehow I went about 10 days. I actually added some hair oil to sleek it back here, so it seems less a bob, and slightly more pixie.

I did get it washed that day you'll be pleased to know!

I really believe that most hair can be stretched out a bit, perhaps not a week if you have long and fine hair, but definitely more than daily. You just need to give your hair time to "slow down", in its oil production.

The benefits of not washing your hair as often? Colour fades as you wash it. You can style it less, and better. It's worth putting more time into it if it will last longer.

It's quicker to get ready every day!

My jumper is Primark, jacket Dorothy Perkins, skirt Asda and shoes are from Next