Rockalily Style: New Years Eve 2011

So last night was New Year's Eve 2011/2012 and I just popped to one of my local pubs - it means you can walk home at the end of the night!

I wore a Dolly Cool cherry hair bow, and 'Trash' earrings. I have a little black bolero thing (made from quite stiff black fabric) and a black vest. I'm wearing a black belt to cinch in the waist.

I wore my old denim shorts, and my new leopard print tights. I think they were from Zara. I'm clashing with my grey leopard print Clarks heels.

I was actually quite proud of my hair, but couldn't get a good picture of it! Typical!









I had a victory roll on the right hand side, and then a stretched victory roll from the left side, which met the right one. That is really the best description I can muster! I really feel like I'm starting to figure out how to experiment with my hair styles again. It helps that I have a bit more length now.

I am also wearing a brand new Rockalily Limited Edition secret for now, but watch this space!

Fancy seeing some of my past New Year's Eve outfits? I actually wore these same shorts for NYE in 2007!