Rockalily Style - My favourite Collectif dress yet

I love being able to team up with brands that I adore anyhow, and Collectif is a company that I've been 'working with' for a few years now! I have to say, it's been exciting watching them expand and improve over the years. I was sent the Simone Check dress to review yesterday and I have to say it's my favourite Collectif dress yet.

The fabric is super soft, and I love the matching buttons. It looks far more expensive than it is, and I want to order it in grey now!

My only bug bear is the belt, these slip belts annoy me - does anyone have any tips as to how they stop them loosening? They are authentically vintage though, as many vintage dresses have them too!

For those people who are curious about sizing, I'd say this dress was pretty standard, this is a Small/10.

It's the perfect Mad Men 'Joan' dress!