Rockalily Style: Mothers' Day and Bettie Page


So, I am off to Mother Rockette's for a Sunday lunch for Mothers' Day as well as my Step Dad's birthday.


This wasn't actually my first choice of dress, but sadly a few of my lovely vintage dresses are currently too big for me. So this is a second choice!

I am wearing a Bettie Page dress which I bought while at Viva Las Vegas in Las Vegas last year. Apologies that it is a little creased!

I am also wearing my Vegas gold wedges, although I bought them for the trip, rather than on the trip. They were from Clarks, who do loads of great shoes now.


Mother Rockette is getting this awesome little poodle head for Mothers' Day. I had originally bought it as a Christmas present for her, but as I bought her an vintage art deco watch, his first outing had been postponed until now.