Rockalily Style - Location, Location, Location

I love the area I live in, but I think it's starting to sink in that soon(ish) I'll be ready to leave it.

We all need and want different things from where we live, for me, I choose location, over the actual house. I live alone, and often work from home, and I like to leave the house to meet real people. To be able to walk to a local high street, with many coffee shops and nice pubs is important to me. To be able to go running on the local streets (and feel safe) is important to me. Living close to public transport is important for me, as I've never learnt to drive (a sign of a true Londoner I always say!).

I choose all of these things over a lovely interior. For others, your criteria will be different.

However, things are changing. my family who have always been local, are moving away. Similarly my friends are doing the same. I've adored having my best friends close by, but soon I'll be the only one left here.

I'd like to upgrade my actual flat now, and I'm starting to accept that I'll have to move to be able to afford to do that. The rental prices here in London are eye-watering for single people, and I may just have to consider calling it quits soon.