Rockalily Style - Leopard Print Sarong Dress from Collectif

This is a sponsored post as I was sent this dress to review.

This dress is a cheeky sarong dress, which I adore as they're so flattering for all shapes and sizes if you aspire for an hourglass silouette. They nip you in where you're small, and then drape over the bits you may be feeling less happy with.

I wasn't sure what size to order, as I'm still getting used to my new body shape so I went for a 10/S. It fits perfectly but isn't tight, I imagine I may have been able to wear a size smaller if I didn't have boobs (for size reference). I actually enjoy dresses that aren't skin tight as I like to be able to wear a dress all day, as I did with this one.

I had a day at work followed by an event, so this dress carried me through perfectly. I hate that I had to ruin the look with black tights, but Autumn is starting to rear its head.

The material is a really interesting one, rather than the stretch cotton I usually associate with Collectif, and definitely make the dress really timeless, with much more of a vintage look, rather than just rockabilly.