Rockalily Style: Leopard Print Again!

Today I'm rocking a bit of leopard print, and considering I'm also wearing a bandana I'm pretty cookie-cutter Rockabilly!

* Bandana - I do think I own one is every colour! Some people don't like being matchy, but I like it!

* Glasses - Vintage glasses that were bought as a present.

* Lipstick - Rockalily Rockette Red

* Leopard Print Dress - I bought his years ago on ebay, it was one of my first more 'alternative' dresses, and I used to wear it teaching a lot.I think its Dorothy Perkins.

* Black T-shirt - Probably Primark!

* Green Belt - Again an old Primark purchase from my teaching days.

* Petticoat - This is a vintage original that my lovely friend Liz bought me from a market. I like wearing petticoats not only for the shape but so that my modesty is safe in the wind!

*Ballet Pumps - this are patent leather and from Clarks. I have quite bad back 'issues' and if I know I'm going to be out and about all day I have to wear flats.



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