Rockalily Style - Lady Dinah's Cat Cafe


A relaxed outfit today as I was taking my step-mother to Lady Dinah's Cat Cafe (near my salon in Shoreditch) as a belated birthday. I booked the table in March, and my reservation was today, in July. I believe they're fully booked now until October, but think they hold some walk-in spots each day too.

You pay £5 per head as you enter, and then you just order what you want from the small cafe menu. Coffees, herbal teas, cakes, bagels and quiche. Oh and afternoon tea with scones. Despite the £5 charge, the actual prices of food and drink were very reasonable I thought.

Now, I'm a tough cookie to impress, but I also like to support local business where possible. Honestly, I was a tad disappointed with the cafe, and can't imagine I'd ever return, but I do wish it all the best luck in the world. The cats are of course looked after superbly.

However, as a cafe, without the novelty of animals being in the same room as you, I just wasn't that impressed. It's odd as the food was delicious (I had a vegan tart and salad), but the decor was depressing as I'm someone who really enjoys the visual stimulation of places I visit. Gosh that's a snobby sentence but you know what I mean I hope!

It was rather odd seeing everyone's eyes in the room follow any cat that moved (as you know, most cats sleep most of the time), and get very excited about getting near one - as if none of us had seen a cat in years! he he.