Rockalily Style - Just turn up


I haven't been exercising as much as I'd like to be recently, so today I just decided to get up and go. I've been feeling like my body is creeping back to a place I didn't enjoy as much, so I need to get back in control!

I started with a warm-up run of 1.5km and then got to the gym. I just wasn't feeling it. In these situations I like to just stick to my favourite exercises, rather than pushing and not enjoying it.

I'm also on day 3 of a cold, and I forget that this of course impacts how successful a gym trip can feel.

Sometimes all that matters if you show up. Get your gear on and go. It was a pretty pathetic work out, but it was a work out, I've broken my no-gym spell, and it will make my next trip easier. If you're not feeling it, just stick to your favourite routines, it shouldn't feel lousy. I have certain moves I always enjoy doing, no matter how I'm feeling.