Rockalily Style - Investing in Fashion


Today I'm wearing a Bettie Page dress I bought in Las Vegas 2010, over 4 years ago now.

I have worn it loads, throwing it the washing machine along with everything else each time. At the time, it felt like an expensive purchase, perhaps about $120, but by gosh it has never gone out of style, and still feels and looks pretty brand new.


The great thing about finding a 'style' and sticking with it, is that investing in pieces is worthwhile. It becomes valuable to buy quality items, that will wear, wash and last well. When we follow trends we're much less likely to watch to invest in them. The popularity of Primark proves this, as we all love the chance to buy something we know we'll only love for a season. 

Do you trust your sense of style enough to invest in any key pieces? What did you go for?