Rockalily Style - I bought Crocs

Hold the phone, I'm wearing Crocs. Yes, you heard me right, Crocs. I suffer from a lot of back problems (after an incident at 15), and for this reason I try and wear good shoes. I really struggled to wear heels, without my spine freaking out. I don't currently have any nice flat shoes, and so I headed to Clarks, my usual reliable source for decent shoes at reasonable prices. However I couldn't find any I liked, so I left empty handed.

During a brief window-pause I spotted these, and figured I'd try them on! Crocs! I wear a 5.5, but these don't come in half sizes, so I tried the 6. They fit perfectly, and felt like little bouncy clouds. The plastic felt really soft, I'm not expecting blisters on the back, but watch this space!

I now want to buy them in different colours!! They do this style in 3 types, flat, small wedge and higher wedge. I bet by the end of summer I'll have tried them all!