Rockalily Style - How to get back to the gym

I've had a bit of a gym slow down, but that's ok. Life is full of ebbs and flows isn't it? But I decided I wanted to get back. If I've lost the gym bug, it can feel hard to get it back, but I've found what works best.

Just get your kit on and go. Don't wait to feel ready. Don't wait to feel motivated. Don't worry if you're feeling sluggish. Get your kit on and go. 

Have no expectations of your workout, it may not be your best, but turning up is enough. That is the difference between success and failure in many cases - successful people turn up. Most people don't get that far.

If I'm still struggling to get my kit on, I ask myself what would a fit gym bunny do? They'd get their kit on and go to the gym. 

My workout wasn't great. But I turned up and it counts. And the next visit this week already feels easier. I love the gym, and it's odd that your mind and body seems capable of forgetting that fact.