Rockalily Style - How sexism can impact what I wear

I haven't worn this dress for ages, but after being invited to meet some new people I'd like to make a decent impression on, and after feeling a bit too chunky for my first choices out of the wardrobe , it seemed a good solution. Its a stretch material, and the swing skirt is forgiving in a way that a pencil skirt just never is.

The sad conversation that this dress sparked was that I tend to wear bolder dresses like this (more pin-up/alternative) when I'm walking down the street with a man, as you get less attention than walking solo. As a woman walking alone, regardless of your outfit choice, you experience cat-calling,. Being hollared at regularly is miserable, intimidating and an act of aggression. It impacts what I wear, subtly. I notice that when I know I'll be walking with a man, I allow myself to stand out a little more, to be more unapologetic with my sexiness. Which is bullshit by the way. But it is what it is.