Rockalily Style - Hatching baby spiders?

This is a rather gross story, so turn away if you don't want to read my brief story of my infected insect bite (you've been warned).

About 5 days ago I went on an evening picnic, and the morning after I noticed I had a bite on my leg. Not a normal one, more like a blister. 24 hours later, it was pretty impressive, and I popped along to my local chemist. He gasped, and advised I apply antiseptic, but that it should pass in day or two.

Roll forward another day or two, and its still there. I'd started joking that it was a blister full of spider eggs, but after a while I started to find it less funny! I returned to the same chemist, who this time said, "Oh my gosh, go to a doctor", so today I visited my GP.

I told my whole little story, including my spider egg theory, and she said that she would lance it (pop it!). Eeeek!

She said that she'd expect it to heal well now, but to still keep an eye on it. It's still pretty large and gross! She reassured me with a smile that she found no baby spiders. Phew.

Anyhow, this is the outfit I wore today. To visit the doctor.