Rockalily Style: Glossybox and Polly Rae

Today is a busy day! Firstly I'm filming a video with Glossybox, and then I'm off to learn burlesque from Miss Polly Rae. Now, have no fear, I have no desire to actually become a performer, its purely for the experience!

Polly was the very first burlesque performer I watched (back in 2008), and the show definitely started the journey that has got me to where we are today. The show was so beautiful, and unlike anything I had seen before.

In a fabulous twist of fate (well we create our own luck...right?) I then worked with her a few times on the burlesque circuit, only to watch her get her very own West End Show with William Baker (of Kylie fame). Low and behold, I was Polly's personal wardrobe assistant for the first run of the show. It is always inspiring to see hard work pay off, and Polly has certainly earned every single bit of success she has had.

Today is a chance to catch up, as well as see her do what she does best. Wish me luck, as I'm no mover.