Rockalily Style - Getting back into my date skirt


Ignore the boots, I won't be wearing those.

This is a date outfit, and the kind of date outfit I feel great wearing. I'm not a fan of showing too much of my skin overall, so wearing a sheer shirt and a tight pencil skirt keeps it cute but covered up.

I'm pleased as well, as the last time I wore this skirt I took it straight off as I'd gained a little bit of weight. It feels fine again, phew! After feeling a little heavy for my liking last month I pulled in my reins again, so hopefully this means I managed to get my body back to where/how I like it.

Being a supporter of "Body confidence" as a movement doesn't have to mean allowing your body to change without any feelings about it. For me, it means I should be kind to my body at all time, kind to myself about my body, but that I am still allowed a preference, and to want my body to be a certain way. It also means not judging other people for their own body choices and preferences. Surely we all have more to worry about than other people's bodies?!