Rockalily Style: Freddies Jeans and T-shirt Day

Apologies, I skipped a day in Rockalily Style yesterday, I simply didn't have time! Yesterday I wore Tara Starlet dungarees.

This outfit is pretty much the opposite of style, just jeans, T-shirt and a cardigan. However I find that I can still wear little touches that still mean I feel like 'me'.

I am wearing a leopard print bandana. This is why I love bandanas - they bring rockabilly style to any outfit. My vintage glasses also add a touch of 'me-ness'. I'm actually wearing Rockalily Hot Rod Red lipstick today. Lipstick makes any outfit look 'done'. And finally, the cut of the jeans - these are Freddies of Pinewood.


This is how I tie my bandana rockabilly style(old tutorial).