Rockalily Style - Embracing Change

Sometimes we choose to start a new chapter in our lives, and sometimes the chapter chooses us, and it's  always down to us to make the best of each one. Staying static gets boring, and so we must embrace newness and change with excitement. Your new chapter is waiting to be written!

I've recently started a new chapter, having moved away from my comfort zone of Crouch End (an area in North London), where I'd grown up, and more recently lived in the same flat for 4 years. My mother lived there, as did my best friends. I've now moved to Shoreditch (in East London), and rather coincidentally my Mother also moved out of Crouch End at the same time, retiring away from London. I'm now further away from my best friends, and further away from my Mother, and its rather amazing how much it has made me feel like I've started a brand new chapter.

No longer will I have a weekly catch up coffee with my Mother, nor can my mate call and say "Drink in ten minutes?", I'll see them less often and they'll be less impulsive visits.

I'm throwing myself into my new surroundings, having coffee at my local coffee shop regularly (I have a million to choose from), and even going for a beer all on my lonesome! I joined a local running club, and I've been meaning to join the bookclub, but have yet to make it.

My new corner of the world has a ton of things going on, and its up to me to explore it all. Yesterday I popped to Columbia Flower Market, and had an iced coffee. Delicious.