Rockalily Style - Decluttering and Selling Cheap


If you follow me over on instagram you may have seen me decluttering. Its been a slow process, reading books, blogs and dealing with my own emotional connections to objects and stuff.

I've blogged a bit about it before:

Decluttering my vintage wardrobe

Just let it go....I should just let it go.

Last night I had my biggest break through ever. I bagged up more clothes and shoes than ever before. They are items that I felt unable to just give to a charity shop, but that I can't be bothered trying to ebay. I've decided to sell them off cheap, at the salon next weekend. Prices are mainly £1-£4 each, with dresses, hats, books, bags and tops. I just want them all gone, but gone to good homes!

I bought myself this checked shirt yesterday, in exchange for giving up two I don't really like 'enough'. A red one, as I don't like red with my blue hair, and a blue one which is too long. Fair exchange!