Rockalily Style - Collectif Jeans

The perfect jeans are one of those never-ending quest items aren't they!? Collectif recently sent me their jeans for me to try, and as I hadn't tried them before, I was excited...could I finally own some high waisted jeans?

I'm usually a S/10 in Collectif, but when the jeans arrived they made me want to cry! I couldn't get anywhere near doing them up. The zip wouldn't even touch. So I got the M/12 and those are what I'm wearing here. The shame is that the difference in size feels massive. These Medium ones gape at the back, and are too large around my waist.

The plus side of this is that they're perfect day jeans, as they're not tight (so super comfy). It means it's easy to tuck tops into them as well.

You get a discount at Collectif with the code REE10