Rockalily Style - Can I buy Tatyana dresses in the UK?

Sometimes I seem to 'forget' that I own and like certain items in my wardrobe, and yesterday I pulled this ol' thing out of the depths of my closet.

It's a brand that was called Bettie Page, but has switched to Tatyana. I have a few Bettie Page dresses and the quality has astounded me. I'm always tempted to just clear my entire cupboard, and have 7 days worth of these. They're stretchy and so comfortable. I've had all of mine for years and years now, and honestly they still look new.

The stretch means that all of my Bettie Page dresses have survived my weight change, and I throw them all in the washing machine too. Even just writing this post makes me want to order a new one straight away.

Tatyana is an US label, so I've had a little look for some UK stockists. I haven't tried any of the dresses for  years, and I have read a few things about a change in quality. I'd love to explore this more, so maybe in the name of science I need to order myself a new one! I really hope they're just as brilliant as before.

You can order Bettie Page/ Tatyana dresses in the UK from:

Atom Retro


Audrey Star's Boutique

I'll add anymore that I find along the way. These three are online only, and seem to stock different dresses from each other, so perhaps check them all out!