Rockalily Style - #BloggersRunTheWorld

Today was my first run for #bloggersruntheworld, which is my new running group (club?).

It was sunny so I went in my Nike vest and Nike cropped leggings. I sat on the tube, and reflected that the old me wouldn't have dared to sit on public transport with almost no make up and gym kit. I would have felt ugly and shy. I love that I'm not that person anymore.

We ran in Regents Park, which isn't a park I know very well, but I loved it. What a gorgeous park.

I kept squealing at all of the daisies that looked like snow, and at the ducks and ducklings. What a gorgeous day to explore a new park.

We stopped when anyone needed to, and when I wanted to run a bit on my own, I ran off and returned to push myself a little more. We don't follow any set rules yet, just getting out and about!