Rockalily Style - Bloated and Unable to Find Anything To Wear

I usually find getting dressed pretty quick and painless. I've worked hard to try and only own clothes I enjoy wearing, which has made picking an outfit much easier. I was heading out with a best friend to  90s club night, and must have tried on 12 different looks. It was miserable, and reminded me to feel gratitude that I don't usually feel so gross and undressable.

I looked pregnant in everything I owned, and instead of having a meltdown I clocked that I must be due on, as once a month, just before my period if due, I swell right up. When I carried a little more weight on my belly I never understood what people meant when they said they were bloated. The fat meant I was unable to visually see anything different. Now I have less fat covering my stomach, I really see the difference if I'm hormonally swollen. If you've seen Freelee Banana Girl on youtube, a super slim lady who eats a billion bananas, she shows how extended her belly gets after a large meal, as she has no fat on top of it. She's a more extreme example though!

In the end, I settled on disco pants and a loose top over. I'd usually tuck tops in, but I didn't want to feel conscious of my belly, I wanted to have fun! 

It must have worked, as I danced the night away to 90s classics and didn't think about my clothes or body once - perfect!