Rockalily Style - Birthday dress and dip dye hair


After two days of more 'casual rockabilly' style, I've decided to try and wear my 'nicer' dresses more often. In one way, I already do that, I definitely dress up more than the average person I think (?!) but recently I've been feeling a little more casual.

This has been caused largely by the winter weather, I'm struggling to love my clothes as much when everything has to be covered up with a cardigan.

So today I'm forcing myself to wear a smarter dress. I've only worn this one once before, on my birthday so it seems silly owning something you've worn once.

You can also see my new dip dye hair.

I'm wearing skin tights, rather than black, after reading Ruby Armoire's blog post in response to my ponderings on style. They do make my leg tattoos look a little odd though!