Rockalily Style: Back to black

So I last night I shoved black dye over the new red....really wasn't happy with it.

I look blah today.....apologies.

*Leopard Print bandana

*Rockette Red Lipstick

*Green Batwing top

*Green Belt

*Pirate Girl Necklace

*Blue Wide Waisted Trousers - they are too big for me, so they create an odd line under the jumper.

*Black Heeled Brogues

In an attempt to force myself out of blah-ness I am wearing high heels, even though my back won't be happy later!


You never get a sense of my lipstick in full body pics, so here is a quick pic showing how my Rockette Red cheers my face up!

My poor hair is another matter.....need a GOOD cut.